Streamnet Software At I.T.P.L Whiteflied, Bangalore

Area: 5,500 sq.ft. Year of completion: November, 2005

An office designed for software development to make the otherwise mundane routine office work feel fun and interesting. The aim was to ensure that people would enjoy their working hours in a lively environment. The interiors were tastefully designed to incorporate elegance and splashes of colour. The rhythmic use of colour gave the interiors a unique graphic identity.

Sipani Stones

Area: 95,000 sq.ft.

A marble production facility covering 95,000 sqft designed at Krishnagiri. The requirements were to provide a factory-esque building for the manufacture of high quality marble where raw materials were sourced from multiple countries abroad. The final design had the appearance of a typical pre-fabricated steel structure but with elegant use of glass and interesting form to break away from the notion of a mundane factory building.

Marketics – Interiors

A marketing agency office designed with simple but colourful interiors in keeping with the essence of marketing itself. The use of complimentary and cool colour palettes made it a lively space befitting the work culture.

Picopetta at Bangalore - Interiors

A quirky mish-mash of pop colours, this corporate office was designed to make work interesting and lively. Each department was clearly demarcated and assigned a different colour to make it easily identifiable and unique. The overhead services and pipes were visible to the eye but painted different colours to further add to the attraction of varied colours.


Residence Of Ajit Edlabadkar

A house designed with a vision to amalgamate tradition with the contemporary. Traditional Indian design elements were incorporated to give a polished, rustic look to the home interiors. Architectural elements like stand-alone pillars, seen often in traditional Indian architecture, were used in place of the usual door frames and swings a.k.a jhoolas were added to enhance the vernacular appearance of the interiors.

Residence For Mr. Ravi Rao

Bringing the essence of ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’ interiors to a residence. The living area was given an open floor plan and a set of floating stairs was incorporated to ensure the feeling of openness. A 1.5 floor ceiling height further enhanced the grandeur of the space. The interior décor was done in accordance with a soft, sophisticated colour palette and focus was put on natural and Earthy tones in the furnishings. The adjoining, open to sky, courtyard to the living room created a serene indoor environment making it the perfect relaxation and leisure space for the family.


Corporate Guest House Mahindra Tech, Bangalore

In keeping with the primary client specification – ‘Wood’, this corporate guest house was designed to give a sense of luxurious comfort to its occupants. The main user was to be corporate professionals and the ambience of each space was designed to exhibit grandeur in a formal but comfortable setting, one that would make the user feel more at home than their home itself.

Keni's Residence at Goa

The building had to be iconic but not overbearing, sophisticated but not complex and contemporary yet respecting and honoring the values of a Goan family. The concept of the design was focused around the play of light and shadow, solids and voids. Colours and tones reflecting luxury and elegant opulence were chosen in a predominantly white setting. Visual connectivity was given prime importance by incorporating double heights and an open to sky courtyard that served to enhance the feeling of openness in the space.