Malkhed Fort

The adjacent Kagina river was proposed to be used as a venue for boating, as well as for providing need of all water requirement to be built on the fort. It was a proposal for adaptive reuse of built form, making it sustainable through revenue generation and employment to local people.

Hospital At Cacora, Goa

From amongst 15 entries submitted for the design of this hospital at Cacora, Goa, ours was selected by the Former CM, Late Shri Manohar Parikar, and we extend our gratitude to him and the panel of selectors. Bringing a modernist design and incorporating an interesting front facade into an otherwise traditionally simple structure for a healthcare institution.

CTO Office

A simple but elegant design of the CTO office at Vasco, Goa. Incorporating pastel hues of colours gave the otherwise whitewashed interiors a lively and welcoming feel.

National Information Center(NIC)

The setting up of the National Knowledge Network's Chennai Centre required the interiors to be designed in such a way as to maximize functionality and make full use of a relatively small space.


Bhaskar Commercial Complex

The design of the commercial complex incorporated a play of solids and voids and interesting elements to enhance its appearance. Use of bright red in the facade elements made the building pop and stand out from amongst its surroundings.

Residence For Mr. Ravi Rao

Bringing the essence of ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’ interiors to a residence. The living area was given an open floor plan and a set of floating stairs was incorporated to ensure the feeling of openness. A 1.5 floor ceiling height further enhanced the grandeur of the space. The interior décor was done in accordance with a soft, sophisticated colour palette and focus was put on natural and Earthy tones in the furnishings. The adjoining, open to sky, courtyard to the living room created a serene indoor environment making it the perfect relaxation and leisure space for the family.


Corporate Guest House Mahindra Tech, Bangalore

In keeping with the primary client specification – ‘Wood’, this corporate guest house was designed to give a sense of luxurious comfort to its occupants. The main user was to be corporate professionals and the ambience of each space was designed to exhibit grandeur in a formal but comfortable setting, one that would make the user feel more at home than their home itself.


Private Apartment Block For Dr. Vasant Raju, Bangalore

Use of niches, solids and voids, and a play with protrusions was made the highlight of this design. The structure was designed keeping in mind climate and sun path, and accordingly balconies were placed in inset areas of the building. Plumbing lines and pipes were covered in a jaali-like enclosure that was incorporated into the design so as to not stand out.

Hospital At Puttenahalli Bangalore - Night View

Breaking away from the simplicity of traditional healthcare centres and hospital designs, this hospital was designed to stand out and be easily visible to passersby owing to its small size. Interesting lighting elements and glass covered openings were incorporated to enhance the effects of light and shadow.

Fabio Decor - Floor

The spaces were designed with the aim of making them seem welcoming and interesting for potential customers at an interior decor showroom. Accordingly, contemporary designs with tasteful woodwork was incorporated while focus was placed on lighting design and fixtures.